May 8, 2013

Our Florida Vacation and May Goals

Hey guys! So in my last post when I told you how April completely got away from me I was dying to say, "But we're going away to Florida this Saturday, Hallelujah!!!!" But announcing to the world that we're going out of town didn't seem like the best idea ;) 

We had a wonderful time on Anna Maria Island with Scott's parents. While we were there I got to play with my camera a little :)

I was really excited to get some great family shots so that my new camera felt like something for the whole family instead of just for my blog.

When we left Chicago it still felt like winter, but when we got home it was suddenly Spring!! Our flowers and bushes had suddenly bloomed all of the trees had buds and even leaves, the yard was lush and green and nicely mowed thanks to a wonderful neighbor! So that brings me to my goals for the month of May.

This month in addition to working on some furniture I would like to focus on the outside of our house.

First up the deck:

We worked long and hard on it last Spring but never finished. I'll give you a review of how the Deck Restore is working out for us and also we'll be painting all of the lower lattice white.

Next up our playset:

Last Spring we power washed it which removed most of the old finish but then we never finished it by reapplying a new finish. I think it's going to be the same color as the deck but the jury is still out on that one.

Last but not least the front door:

We had a new door installed a year and a half ago and to save on cost we decided to paint it ourselves. It just hasn't happened yet! That color swatch on the door is Blue Suede by Martha Stewart. The jury is still out on that one too.

So there you go! A long list and it's already the 8th today!! Thankfully these are goals that Scott feels strongly about too, so there's a better chance that they'll actually get done ;)

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