May 13, 2013

Improving My Front Entrance

I finally painted the front door!

The inside of it :)

As soon as I finished writing my May goals last week I decided I was going with that blue color for my front door, and I wanted to get started immediately. But unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate with that plan. It turned rainy and cold and I wasn't able to do a darn thing outside all weekend :(

But this week is looking promising!! I decided that if I couldn't paint the outside of the door I'd at least do the inside of it this past weekend. Here's how it looked before.

Please, try not to be overwhelmed by how beautiful it is. Okay, now that you've recovered I'll tell you about it. I got a 4 panel door in an effort to be different because all of the houses around here have 6 panel doors. I would have loved to have a window at the top but windows made it more expensive and we really do get plenty of light in the living room.

 That wood door to the right of it is our coat closet. It's the last door on this floor of the house that needs to be replaced. It's not a very big closet, but just the fact that I have a coat closet makes me very happy. Living without one for the first 4 years of our marriage drove me crazy.

I painted the door in Behr's Ultra Bright White which is what we used on all of the trim and wainscoting in our house. First I taped off the hardware, hinges and rubber weatherizer thing at the bottom.

I trimmed it out with a brush but once I got to this point I decided I wasn't taking out a roller and pan just for this. So I finished the whole thing with my brush. I've done 2 coats and I should probably do 2 more but it looks good enough for now ;)

Better, right? Now just that last door....


  1. You did a nice job. Amazing what paint and time can do ; )

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