May 28, 2013

A Surprise 65th Luau

My May Goals had a bit of a theme to them this month. Obviously, it was the outside of our house. You probably just figured it's the beginning of Spring/Summer and Heidi just wants to start the season by finishing all of the outdoor work, right? Well there was another reason. A secret reason. 

My mother in law and us kids were throwing my father in law a surprise 65th birthday party, in our yard!!

When it comes to the yard Scott is a bit of a say the least. So for weeks we worked HARD finishing up landscaping and the deck and the playset and cleaning the garage and on and on....

The pool deck is 100% done and I've already written my review of Deck Restore but I wanted to wait until the pool is open and blue again before taking my beauty shots :) The playset only got one coat of solid stain and scattered storms have been going on for over a week keeping me from finishing. But it looked nice enough for the party and I'm excited to finish it up soon.

I'll be sharing the "Summer Fun Bucket List" my son, Casey, and I made tomorrow, but for now here's some pics of the Luau we had in our yard and garage on Saturday :)

As you can see from our attire we had unseasonably cold weather for our luau....I'm very bad luck when it comes to weather. If you want nice weather, don't let me be a part of the planning. Now you know! ;)

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