November 16, 2012

Fruit and Veggie Hanging Wall Baskets

Hey there! I wanted to share today about the baskets hanging on my new chalkboard wall. 

As I mentioned yesterday I was inspired by these awesome baskets I saw on Pinterest eons ago.

These are still for sale I think if you go through the source under the picture. But I wasn't thrilled about the price at $43 each.

So I searched some local stores until I found something that might work. 

These were purchased at Crate & Barrel for $12.95 each. Plus these smaller baskets aren't as deep as the ones I originally wanted which is good since they are behind my kitchen side door. So for $40 (including tax) I bought 3 of them. 

Another feature I like is that they are hanging from hooks so I can take them on and off the wall whenever I like to use them! 

I bought these 1 inch Brass Cup Hooks from Home Depot in the hardware isle. This is them after I quick sprayed them with some metallic black spray paint I already had in the house.

They don't screw very deep into the wall and these baskets are holding some pretty heavy items so I also bought some anchors.

After marking where I wanted the hooks to go I drilled holes according to the anchor's packaging with the correct size drill bit. Then I just pounded the anchor into the wall with a rubber mallet (a hammer would work just fine) and screwed the hooks in by hand! You could see the yellow anchors so I quick touched them up with some chalkboard paint and went over the hooks with it too. I wanted the hooks to just blend in with the wall since they didn't come in a silver like the baskets and I didn't have that color spray paint in the house! ;)

I love having these baskets on the wall! I don't have a lot of counter or pantry space so any extra storage is always welcome!! 

To finish off the space I just hung a little hook on the wall and hung my apron from it, I think it looks so cute now!! I can't believe I left this space empty for so long!

I also promised yesterday to share how I wrote so nicely on the wall even though I have awful  handwriting. I just happened to see this trick on Pinterest after having just finished painting my chalkboard wall, perfect timing!!

CLICK HERE to be taken to the website and get step by step directions. So easy and I couldn't believe it actually worked for someone like me. My handwriting is seriously that bad people. 


  1. Love the baskets! They are so fun over the chalk board paint. x

  2. Adorable - Pinned.
    I love the wire baskets. And, the colors are inspirational. I'm a visual cook.

    We have a real problem with sprouting and greening potatoes. Small kitchen, storage is near a heater. Lots of sunlight. Ugh.

    I tried putting them in the hall pantry...and out of sight out of mind. Nope.

    Right now, they are in the world's fanciest (not) brown grocery bag sitting on the floor. LOL! But, it's working well. *eyeroll*

  3. i love your chalkboard wall and i would love to feature it, if that would be ok with you please let me know,

  4. Thanks so much for linking to Make the Scene Monday at Alderberry Hill, you are being featured later today!!

  5. Looks great!

    Those wire baskets from the Pinterest board are on sale now for $15 each!!
    I just bought 2.

    1. Stop it!!!! That's AWESOME!! :) Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. I found those baskets on pinterest too and went to find them and they are no where to be found on that site anymore. So sad I missed on the $15 each deal! Found you post through google images and I'm going to ordering the stuff to do it soon. Thanks for doing the research for me! Excited to add this to my kitchen!

    1. So sorry they sold out!! I posted on Facebook right away to try and spread the word when Suz commented!! :) I hope you have tons of fun working on your kitchen and thanks for visiting my blog! :)