December 3, 2012


Finishing a fun project like our new chalkboard wall in the kitchen has a way of energizing me. It gets the gears in my head moving and I find myself standing in the middle of my kitchen staring at the cabinets envisioning things...

Wouldn't it look nice if I took off those cabinet doors and painted the insides of the cabinets?? I mean that cabinet of the far right doesn't even open ever since we put in the new hood vent...

Of course then I'd have to make sure everything in all of those cabinets was pretty and find a new place for all of my kids plastic dish ware....

And wouldn't it look nice if Scott built new cabinet doors for all of these bottom cabinets and I painted them boxwood green from Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint line? I mean that cabinet on the far left doesn't even have a door! 

I spent 15 minutes standing in my kitchen the other day, just staring...thinking about wether I have enough pretty looking dishes to fill those cabinets if they were open, where I'd put the coffee, would I need to buy new shelving or could I paint what I have? How hard is it to paint the insides of all those cabinets?

There's a million things I should have been doing during those 15 minutes but I won't worry about that. Daydreaming is one of my favorite past times :)


  1. If your heart says, do it!
    Is this a before Christmas or after Christmas sort of project?

    I have a thoery on open space. I think the dishes in the photos are usually white/cream for a reason. (Hides dust.)

    Can't wait to see :)

    ~ Blessings,

  2. Oh, and believe it or not...our Writing Test which was required to graduate high school...used the topic, "Is Daydreaming Worthwhile?"

    I answered yes. (Used more words than that, lol)
    And, I still believed it today :)