December 7, 2012

Bedroom Set Makeover

Hey guys :) Remember when I made over the black hutch this fall? Well as soon as i finished I got started on an entire bedroom set for the same client. They wanted the same finish as the hutch had gotten for this furniture.

It only took a few weeks to complete but I just got the chance to come over to their house the other week and see it all set up in their room. I forgot my camera (I swear my brain has stopped working) so my client took the pictures for me, bless her heart :) 

Here's the bed and nightstands...

And here's the dresser...

I painted them with my new toy, the Wagner Power Painter.

Here's the befores...

I started by taping up 2 big plastic drop clothes on the inside of my garage door.

After sanding everything I sprayed all of the furniture with primer. To do the drawers I used a brush around the edges, wrapped them with more plastic tarp and then stood them on a crate to spray the fronts.

Then I went through these steps again with the black paint. Using the paint sprayer really sped up the whole process except when I got to the head board and foot board and had to wait for one side to dry completely before turning them around and spraying the other sides! 

I used an eggshell paint finish and then sprayed everything with a polycrylic spray in a gloss finish. I think it turned out great!