October 12, 2012

Painting Furniture with a Paint Sprayer

So I've been painting some furniture with a paint sprayer this week and thought I'd fill you in on how it's going!!

I first bought a HomeRight Pro 5.0 Sprayer from Ace Hardware. It was $70.00 and I thought I had read great reviews about it, but after getting it home I realized the awesome review I had read was about a different model. I gave it a try anyways and had bad results. The paint splattered and was running down the spraying tip. Thankfully Ace was great about returning it, they're a great store :)

I decided to pay a bit more and get a Wagner from Home Depot instead. It's called a Wagner Power Painter Plus 6.6 with EZ Tilt.

They had a $70 model but the $100 model had a knob to turn to go from thinner liquids to thicker ones and that appealed to me.

I was able to spray primer without watering down or thinning it at all. It worked for some Behr latex paint as well. The results are a super quick and smooth paint job. There's some extra prep involved like tarping the area and taping paper down inside the dresser where you don't want paint to end up, but you only need to do that once and then you're set for the rest of the process!

This is after one thin coat of primer. Doing the whole dresser took about 3 minutes.

Cleaning up takes a little time but it's simple and straight forward. Everything unscrews, you rinse with warm water and the brush included and then lubricate just a couple of pieces while putting back together. After doing it twice I could do it without looking at the directions again.

While priming some drawers yesterday it stopped spraying paint even though the cup was full. I remembered then that the primer I was using had some globs of old paint in it and worried that I had just broke the thing!! I just took it inside and gave the whole thing a cleaning and then tried using it again later in the day when I had time and sure enough, good as new!! :)

Now I usually paint furniture with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint but I don't think I will use the sprayer with this paint because it goes on SOO well with a brush. But I still have clients who occasionally want Latex paint, so I think this will be a good tool for me to own.

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  1. Great information. I've never used a sprayer, but great to know what you think.