October 25, 2012

Antique Herringbone Wood Table

I'm so excited to show this project to you!!

This table was my grandma's, she kept pictures of all her grandkids on it right at the top of the stairs as you entered her living room. I like to imagine how she would react if I was able to show it to her.

I think she'd like it :) 

It was a bit dark and drab when I got it.

But I saw just how beautiful it could be. I started by stripping the top with some gel stripper and sanding it by hand. Then I dry brushed some pure white chalk paint on by lightly dipping my paint brush in the paint and dabbing on a paper towel before brushing it onto the table. I did two coats this way before deciding it was done and putting a coat of clear wax on. For the wood top all I did was wax it! No stain or anything, it was so stinking gorgeous the way it was I wanted to keep it looking exactly as it was!

Seriously. Look at that wood. Laid in a herringbone pattern with an inlay! It's as smooth as a baby's bottom too. Love it. 

Another of my favorite parts is the flower detail on the apron.

So cute.

I struggled with the decision to keep the table or not. If I hadn't taken it it probably would have just been donated, so hopefully no family member would take offense to me selling it. I love it and how it turned out but I don't really have the right place for it in my home....something you should know about me is that I'm a purger not a hoarder. If there's ever any question of wether I should keep something or not I always go with NOT. So I am putting it up for sale on my Shop! page and will enjoy it in my living room until it sells :)

(I know it doesn't look bad in there, it's just not what I have in mind....)


  1. This is gorgeous. I love the finish. x

  2. Heidi, the way you painted your table is absolutely exquisite! You are one talented gal!! I just love the finish on it, especially how you painted the flower detail ~ absolutely beautiful!!

  3. Great taste! Love this and how you executed the refinish... highlighting the wood, but updating the look! And you white washed like a pro!

  4. The herringbone on this table is awesome - glad you kept it. This table is beautiful - love the finish. I found you through Miss Mustard Seed and am now a follower....

  5. Saw your work on elmhurst emoms. I have a couple of dressers I am looking to get rid of...I will sell them you you super cheep if you are interested....they could be really nice with some love. email me if you want pics. cecetrausch@yahoo.com

  6. Hi, came over from Knick of Time Tuesday, and glad i did. Your grandma would love her table, and how you refreshed it!

    Jan @ The Pink Geranium

  7. wow, the top is beautiful! great design, and love the contrast with the finish on the base!

  8. Very pretty! I love those types of tables. Great color choice.