October 28, 2012

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut...

I love fall. I love the changing of the seasons, I love that back to school feeling, but mostly I love all of the holidays. In my opinion it just gets better and better with each one, Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then the mother of all holidays, Christmas!! I'm already looking forward to it, shhh don't tell anyone.

But of course, first comes Halloween!! I was invited to a costume party this year and after some convincing got Scott to agree to go ;) We've never been to a Halloween party together!!! And if you know Scott you know he's not a dressing up/costume kinda guy... 

So going to the party like this was a pretty big deal!!

He graciously agreed to wear this costume when I showed him how funny it would be :)

We just had to escape the house without our reading aged son seeing our backs ;)

My good friends who invited us went as the characters from CLUE. Love them!!

Everyone there had awesome costumes, I'm already brainstorming for next year....ahem, I mean if I'm invited again that is ;)

I didn't have time to take pictures while making our costumes because I was in a bit of a hurry. But I'm proud to say I made them in ONE DAY! 

I started with a trip to the fabric store. The blue and red fabric I used is 100% polyester and has a little stretch to it. The white stripe is just a regular cotton blend and the black letters are felt. Oh and the white letters are iron ons....I'll get to that later.

I got 1 1/2 yards of the blue and red and that was plenty. I started with the blue fabric folded over hotdog style and measured around Scott's hips to see how wide I should make it. Once I decided on that I cut off some extra fabric along the long open end and then pinned and sewed along that long edge. That left me with a long tube of fabric. 

I then sewed along the top open end about 6 inches on one side and then 6 inches on the other side leaving me with a hole big enough for Scott's head to come through.

To make the arm holes I started on the side that didn't have a sewn edge and just cut down about 8 inches. I had him try it on with just one arm and decided he needed a few more inches for his big muscles ;) I think he ended up needing about 11 inches for his arm openings. On the other side I measured down 11 inches and sewed up and down at that point to secure the stitches. Then I just cut off the fabric and stitches above that to the neck, making the other arm hole.

Next I had Scott try it on and decided where to hem it. I went with a length right below the knees. It was at this point that our friends came over and walked in on me on my knees with pins in my mouth hemming my husband's dress....awkward ;)

To make the white stripe down the middle I took the white fabric and folded it over hotdog style and sewed up the side again making another tube of fabric. This one much skinnier obviously. I then turned it right side out and ironed it very flat. I attached it to the blue "dress" with pins and sewed it on. I then took a stripe of red fabric 2 inches wide, pinned it over one of the edges of the white fabric and sewed it on.

To make the Peter Paul piece I cut out a piece of red fabric (the one below is blue because it was one my costume) and positioned some iron on letters from the fabric store. Then I pinned it on and sewed it.

Next I ironed on the funny saying onto the back...

Okay, obviously Scott's was the funny part.

To make the words ALMOND JOY and MOUNDS I googled the candy bar and then while looking at the picture free hand drew out the letters on paper. I cut them out and pinned them to my black felt and then cut those out. On my costume I sewed them on with a zig zag stitch down the center of each letter, but this was time consuming and annoying so for Scott's I just hot glue gunned them on!! Worked like a charm.

I wasn't loving how the shoulders looked on me and wanted to make it "prettier" so I just took some scraps from Scott's blue fabric, gathered the shoulders of my costume and tied bows around them.

They aren't perfect, the red fabric was pretty stretchy and so while sewing it onto Scott's costume it would stretch and then not lay flat, very annoying. And my free hand drawing capabilities are very limited, so while those letters are each a little miracle for me if Scott had done them they would have been perfect. Saylavee!! :)

Sometimes you feel like a nut..

Sometimes you don't!!

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  1. you two look MEGA adorable~!! great costumes, love them.

  2. First, good for Scott for being a good sport! Second, what a great idea.. love what the back of the costumes said...funny you! Your friends were very creative as well!!

    Happy Halloween!


  3. that is adorable, and even better from the back! so smart and creative!