May 21, 2013

Painting the Front Door

This month is flying by. We've been working our tails off on all of our May Goals but aren't quite ready to show off the results. Except for one, the front door!!

I'm so relieved to finally have it done and everyone in the neighborhood loves the color! :)

Here again is the before:

We ordered the door unpainted so that is actually primer on it. I wanted to take my time picking out a new color scheme for the front of our house and also it saved us money to order it unpainted ;)

I'm SO glad that I took my time with this decision. If I had painted the front door last summer it would have been tan or green. Those are my safe colors. Blue is definitely not a color I have used much while decorating this house or our last house.

But I've been trying to change things up and step outside my color comfort zone, and I'm so glad I did! Also, I looked up and down my street at all of my neighbor's doors and noticed a lot of black, white, green and tan. I wanted my house to stand out and a beautiful blue door will definitely help!

This color is called Blue Suede and is a Martha Stewart color from Home Depot. I had them mix it for me in an outdoor Glidden paint in semi gloss. I used only a brush to paint the door and it only needed 2 coats. An hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon and I was done!

I ordered some house numbers for the door too.

Our house actually has no house numbers and our mailbox is at the street along with our neighbor's. I've had many confused pizza delivery men at my door over the years and am glad to finally help everyone out!

I ordered these vinyl numbers from a great Etsy shop called WelcomingWalls. Candi had them made and shipped to me in less than a week, and for only $9! I couldn't be happier with my front door now! :)


  1. Hi Heidi!
    I love how your door and decal turned out! Thank you for the great shout-out for my shop, I am so happy you love your numbers! :)

    1. Candi, your welcome!! :) They went on so easy and really, what a great price and great, friendly, quick service!! :)

  2. Love it!!!! Nice of you to paint it your Mom's favorite color ;)

  3. Hi Heidi,
    I was so happy to find your blog through Pinterest! Martha's Blue Suede is a top contender for our front door, too. Yours turned out great and looks wonderful with the decals.