March 19, 2013

Playing with my new Nikon!

I saved and saved and I researched and researched and yesterday I went and bought myself a digital SLR camera!! I went with the Nikon D3200.

I decided on it because it had good reviews, was a starter priced camera (in other words less expensive!) and most importantly....Miss Mustard Seed uses a Nikon. I know I'm a nerd, Scott even asked me at the store why I was set on a Nikon and when I wouldn't answer him he guessed right. We all have idols we want to be like, right?! ;) 

I'm the kind of person who opens up the box, inspects every item and then sits down and reads the entire manual. So that's exactly what I did :) I didn't want to just turn it to auto and start shooting pics that I could basically have gotten on my point and shoot, so I read and read about all the features before trying it out. Here's some of the fun I had once I was done reading...

Ummm, the wreath behind their heads is a bit distracting...but look how cute they are! ;) Also Casey has now entered that stage where he thinks he looks "funny" when he smiles with his mouth open. Since when does he care about how he looks?!?!

Loving the sharp foreground and blurred background!

We had a short little modeling session this morning.

I'm also a big fan of blurred foregrounds. Fun fact: One time on HGTV someone said, "Candles are for burning, not dusting" How many of you have dusted a candle?! Guilty!! I now make sure to burn all of my candles from time to time!!

So there you have it, my first day with a DSLR. I think it went pretty well. I mainly wanted one to get great pictures of furniture for my blog, but I think an awesome bonus will be capturing great photos of my family/kids. I'm now saving for a tripod, a 50mm lens, and some photo processing software. I'm thinking probably Lightroom. Okay, okay Miss Mustard Seed uses Lightroom, but I also read other great reviews about it from other bloggers ;)

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