March 6, 2013

March Goals

So I'm a few days late to post this month's goals but I have a good excuse. We took a mini-vacay with some friends to the Wisconsin Dells over the weekend and I didn't get on the internet once the whole time :)

It was actually my first time ever going there, we're about 3 hours away. I have to say that the hotel we stayed at was wonderful and the indoor water park was so much fun. But driving through the actual town I couldn't help thinking that somebody took an absolutely gorgeous part of this country and turned it into some kind of looney toon town! The over the top buildings and roller coasters going right through the center of the town made me feel like I was in a cartoon. It was weird.

But anyways!! The last couple of months I've been focusing on projects around the house. This month I want to focus on furniture. 

I've got a whole garage full of awesome furniture just waiting to get worked on. My problem has been that I'm not exactly sure how I want to sell it. But I've decided that no matter how I end up selling furniture in the future I have to start by getting a bunch of pieces ready to sell. 

So this month I will finish this chair and it's twin.

And I don't know what else! I have to go out to the garage and choose once I finish the chairs. Wish me luck!!! 


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  3. Hi Heidi,
    Oh, I love that retro chair.
    It will look fab freshened up.
    ~ Dana