February 26, 2013

More Market Signs

I got such a great response to my market sign and I enjoyed making it so much that I decided to make a few more this past weekend. I stuck with Market for these two but I plan on making more this week with different sayings.

This one is done with Annie Sloan chalk paint in primer red with white letters and a white border.

It's distressed and waxed with clear wax.

This one is done in Annie Sloan's pure white with primer red for the letters with a red border.

Again I distressed it but waxed it with clear and then dark wax to age it more. The pure white just looked way to clean and new!! ;)

I'm going to be putting them on my shop! page. I know that I could sell them on Etsy too but I haven't had time to explore and figure out selling there yet.


I was excited to get started on a new piece of furniture right away this week so I went out to the garage to look over my stash of projects waiting to get worked on and picked out a pair of chairs that need painting/reupholstering. 

I thought I could quickly remove the fabric and maybe even get started on the painting during naps yesterday...

But after about 3 hours of pulling staples I still am not done :( The good news is this chair was made and upholstered VERY WELL! But I think the stapler person kinda over did it on the staples....

Oh and did I mention that those 3 hours were all spent on ONE chair?! I haven't even started the 2nd one. sigh.


  1. Heidi,
    I feel for you. One of these might help. Sometimes it feels like I use this tool as often as most women use lip gloss. If you run into trouble, contact me and I will be happy to pass on any tricks of the trade that might be helpful. Best of luck with your chair project.


    1. Thanks Marian!! I just finished the first chair this afternoon and am not too excited about starting the second one!! I definitely should own that tool! Thanks so much for the tip!! :)