November 2, 2012

Ups & Downs

As you might have noticed I was feeling good earlier this week about life. I won an amazing giveaway to start the week. My Halloween Costumes were a big hit around here and in blogland. I had a number of people contact me about client work and purchasing furniture on my Shop! page. All was good in my world. 

But isn't it funny how quickly your mood can change? 

I never heard back from anybody about purchasing furniture or doing their client work. Halloween is over and costumes are yesterday's news. I'm having a very hard time using the Milk Paint I won earlier this week. My house is a mess. The kids and I have colds and motivation to work on anything is hard to find.

I keep wondering how on Earth I have done such a complete 180 in just 4 days.

But I don't think I'm alone on this. (At least I hope I'm not!) So I'm doing what I can to gain back control. I'm getting some dishes done and putting away laundry. My sick son who is home from school decided he couldn't take the mess in the basement and cleaned it up. (I wonder who he takes after?;) I'm baking some pinecones so that I can do a relaxing craft later on.

I may have some huge hopes and dreams about my future but the only way I can get there is to take it one day at a time.


  1. I also need that "God's Got This" message today. Thanks! Love you!!!

  2. He *does* have this.

    And, I give you full permission to skip over anything you want regarding Thanksgiving and give yourself extra time for whatever preparations your family values for Christmas.

    Not that you a) need or b) want my permission.
    At all.

    Just a friendly reminder...
    That we *don't* have to do it all. We can't :)

    ~ Dana