November 12, 2012


Hey there! Hope your Monday has been as wonderfully productive as mine has been! I may be one of the few people out there who loves Mondays. It may have to do with the fact that I don't have a physical work place that I have to go to. But it mostly has to do with the fact that I get to take back control of the house!! Cleaning and grocery shopping and meal planning OH MY! 

So while I was feeling ultra productive today I decided the scuff marks all over the stairs were going to get taken care of! We repainted everything in this area of the house 2 years ago and I touched up the stairs and had them looking brand new. Then I vacuumed them telling myself I would be super careful....but over time I got less and less careful and those beautiful stairs were looking awful.

So I broke out the paint that we used on pretty much every white surface in our home :) I only painted over the scuffed areas and it blended in just fine. Just 10 minutes per coat and now my stairs are back to looking beautiful again! By the way, I will only be using the hand broom and dustpan on these bad boys from now on!

Ugh. Sorry, lighting was an issue today. And probably will be all winter:( 

I'm really hoping to do something fun with the stairs this year in my Christmas decorating like this...

Or this....

So getting them looking fresh and clean now will give me a little head start come the day after Thanksgiving!!

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  1. They look great!! I love Mondays too by the way, maybe it's genetic ;)