March 10, 2014

Switching Gears

As you've noticed, I don't post about furniture anymore :( I've done some projects here and there mostly for people who've asked me to, but then never even blogged about it. The problem with me trying to start my business with furniture painting is the logistics of it. 

Furniture is big, heavy, and expensive. So scouring thrift stores and curbs for it is fine and all but I have no room or muscles to get it into my car! Plus with my other careers painting doesn't fit into the schedule so easily.

I've always loved to sew as well and have shared a few of my sewing projects here over the years but I've decided to start a new blog dedicated entirely to sewing. It fits into my schedule better, I can afford to keep showing new projects on a regular basis and I don't have to find pick up trucks to borrow to bring home fabric ;)

You can find me at