March 30, 2012

Old White Antique Desk

Hi all! 
I just finished my latest piece of furniture and it's another winner ;) I've been keeping very busy and it seems word has been spreading about my new hobby. I was blessed this week with some new clients and some awesome free furniture. I designed and ordered some business cards and am hoping to start advertising soon! I love painting furniture and taking something from boring to beautiful so I'm just taking this hobby wherever it (and God) leads me! :)

My poor husband's garage has started to look like a furniture warehouse....and sometimes like a furniture graveyard ;) But he's been so supportive and has helped me with anything I've asked of him, Thanks sweetie!!

So this week I worked on an antique desk that my client picked up at a flea market. She already had a bed that she wanted me to match it to and hallelujah! Annie Sloan's Old White was a perfect match. 

Here's a quick pic of the bed I was matching.

Isn't it beautiful? A lucky little girl who loves horses gets to enjoy these antique pieces :) Here's what her desk looked like before.

The foot of the desk kept falling off so I used some wood glue before screwing it back on and now it's on there really good. I sanded down the desktop because there were some very uneven spots and then gave the top a few coats of primer. The rest of the desk I just started with the chalk paint and ended up using three coats.

I only distressed the edges but tried to do them heavily. The drawer fronts with their rounded edges ended up perfect.

I would have staged it a bit more but I had just finished waxing and knew I only had about an hour of sun left. Thank goodness I got these few pictures because today it is lightning and thundering out and tonight this beauty is going back home!

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March 16, 2012

Aqua Dresser

I recently finished a dresser for a client who was looking for a nice aqua color. I wanted to use chalk paint and after seeing some of my pieces she wanted me to use chalk paint as well. But I soon discovered Annie Sloan doesn't have an aqua color!

I asked my stockist for some ideas on colors to mix to make my own aqua. She had a few different mixtures I could use but they all required 3 different colors that I didn't have. I wasn't too excited about buying 3 colors so instead I just bought Antibes Green and planned on mixing it with some Provence I already had. Perfect.

I had to try a few different mixtures but ended up with a whole lotta blue and about a 1/2 teaspoon of green. 

If you wanted to try to get an aqua from these two colors like I did I would suggest putting some Provence blue in a separate container and then starting with a tiny bit of the Antibes green and adding a little at a time until you get the color you want. 

Here's the dresser when my client brought it to me.

Sorry about the missing drawers! Beautiful on it's own, but not what they were looking for. 

I really love the color I ended up with and have some projects in mind that I'll be using it again for.

I had some fun decorating it this afternoon with random things from around the house.

I threw some baby's breath in my utensil caddy, it looks adorable, but now my silverware is just laying on my table....

Who doesn't love hydrangeas?

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend and that the weather wherever you are is as beautiful as it is here!!

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