December 14, 2011

The Sticky Side Table

A couple months ago I was driving through my neighborhood on garbage day and saw a nice side table out at the curb. I immediately stopped to rescue it. Now I'm still a bit new to picking things up off the curb and it can feel a little embarrassing, ESPECIALLY when the family is sitting at their dining room table staring at you out the window! Luckily I was on the phone with Scott so I at least could laugh with him about it while it was happening :)

So what did this table look like?

The top of it was S T I C K Y. There was a mysterious purple spot that seemed to be a melted popsicle or something....and also a smaller sticky red spot. I tried to clean the sticky areas with goo-gone and it didn't work. Then I tried a Mr Clean Magic Eraser and it wiped right off. I love those things. 

I sanded down the top since there were so many uneven spots, especially where the pink roses had been painted on.

The feet of the table were metal but had been painted over. So  instead of trying to strip the paint off I just spray painted them with some antique bronze. 

I decided to paint the table with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White. It's just such a classic looking table I didn't really have a vision of it being colorful. It only took 2 quick coats, just 1 in some spots. I distressed it just a little on all of the edges. Then I waxed it. This had me sweating....I've been having a hard time with my wax drying/hardening. I know I must be putting it on too thick, but no matter how hard I try I end up with sticky spots. I contacted my chalk paint stockist, Michelle from Di Lucca Designs, and she suggested I apply the wax with a cloth. I took her advice and it worked like a charm :) Hopefully I can put sticky furniture behind me for good now!

I used clear wax all over and then some dark wax in the detailed areas. I stopped by Hobby Lobby and picked up about 6 sets of knobs and didn't like one of them. So I went to my bedroom and stole some little knobs from our dresser that is a hand-me-down from Scott's childhood. It will get beautified one day, but for now that drawer works just fine with 2 knobs instead of 4 :) I spray painted them to match the feet and it's all done!

And I have some great news! I found a consignment shop to sell my furniture! :) It's very exciting just to know that something you created is for sale in a store! But I should stop celebrating until I actually SELL something ;) The shop is called Mindy's Classic Finds and it's in Elmhurst, Illinois. Mindy is great and every time I go in there's all new stuff! I've been shopping there for the last year and always look forward to my next trip. So if you're in the area check her store out!! 

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  1. Great job Heidi! It's beautiful! I came over from the Shady Porch linky...Happy Sales! xo

  2. do you use the chalk paint very often? i've never used it...but it sounds amazing!

    and I am IMPRESSED with this table transformation. should show your neighbors..they will be sad they let their rose table go :)

    thanks for the comment over on my blog.

  3. This is a VERY cute table! I found a place to sell my stuff, too...having a blast with it!

  4. This is such a cute just needed a little love!