December 21, 2011

Chicago Family Fun

Well, if it seems I've been absent the last week it's because I have been. I spent the beginning of the month doing all things Christmas decor and have been trying to make up for it this past week. I THINK I finished shopping today, but you know how that goes....

I started another side table makeover last week. It was going great, and then my mom and dad's Christmas party took over, my grocery shopping took over, my lists of things to do before Saturday night TOOK OVER! 

So while I have no furniture or decorating to share today I thought I might share some Christmas fun that my family and I have been having in the last couple weeks around Chicago.

We were given an AMAZING gift of a family pass to the Museum of Science and Industry earlier this month and immediately put it to use. As in, the NEXT DAY :)

Living a half hour out of the city you'd think we would be taking advantage of all the great opportunities there are. But, as usual, life gets busy and we're lucky if we get there twice in a year. But with a season pass to the museum we'll have an inexpensive fun day that includes driving past the Sears Tower (my son's fave). Oh, excuse me, the WILLIS Tower. Yeah, it will always be the Sears Tower to us Chicagoans ;)

The fun starts with a room filled with model trains that go from Chicago to Seattle. This was a favorite for Casey this year. 

For Christmas there was a tree for each Country of the world. We made sure to find the Netherlands.

Remember when I told you about Delft? Case in point :)

Casey couldn't wait to ride on the airplane again, he remembered it from our last visit 2 years ago.

It's actually suspended in the air above the first floor trains. Casey did NOT remember THAT part! :)

There's also plenty of John Deer fun to be had in the farm area.

Do you SEE that face?! Just imagine bouncing around, shifting gears, and making the noises to go along with it :)

We didn't try to see everything in one trip, I was well aware that 2 hours of walking around was more than enough to result in this:

Over the weekend Scott took us to see the holiday lights at the Brookfield Zoo. There was a bit more traffic than last year, but they had plenty of parking. Once again, we don't try to see everything in one trip, everyone picks an animal for the "Must See" list and then if there's time and energy we squeeze in some extras.

There's plenty of lights, music and, of course, animals!!

The weather has been strangely warm this December, so walking around wasn't too bad. And by warm I mean 30 degrees at 7pm :) Of course, the animal houses are always a welcome burst of warm air though! 

That's the hubby, Scott. He's been sporting the beard upon my request for a couple months now. Isn't he a hunk? :)

Overall December has been a wonderful month with lots of family time and fun memories. I'm super disappointed that Christmas is only 4 days away, I think it went by faster than ever this year. But I guess that's just how life goes, the older you get the faster it flies by. 

I hope to finish that table in the next couple of days and share it. I hope you're having a great month too!!

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  1. Is it gross to say that,yes, my brother-in-law is indeed a little hunkish?

  2. Isn't it fun being a tourist in your own city? I grew up in Indy and took trips to the big city of Chicago before moving to Seattle after college at Purdue. I miss the museum. Lucky you, you get to experience it all year round!

  3. How fun! I LOVE Chicago--we try to get there every other year. My husband goes more frequently, as he is a Notre Dame alum and goes up for the games. I just want to get to Crate & Barrel.

  4. I'm from the NW suburbs but live in CA now. It was fun to "follow along" on your family outing. There is no way to cover all the territory in one visit, but you get to keep going back again and again. What a great gift!

  5. Sarah, it's okay, at least you're not really related :)

    Being a tourist in your own city IS so much fun! Over the summer we spent the whole day downtown seeing sights and riding buses and trains, we felt so silly when people asked us where we were from!!! hahahahaha :)

    I love Crate & Barrel too, I didn't realize that they're not everywhere!! How sad!!