December 28, 2011

Some Love for Pinterest

How do I love you, Pinterest?

Let me count the ways.

I love you on your very best and very worst of days.

I love to see you laughing and dancing in the rain.

And even when you lose your shoes I love you just the same.

Oh wait. That's my favorite book to read to my little guy :) But really, I LOVE Pinterest. When I don't know what to make for dinner I just hop on and look over my recipe board for some inspiration. When a birthday is coming up I can look for recipes, decorations, and even homemade gift ideas.

Well, Christmas was no exception. With 6 family parties in the course of 3 weeks (4 of those parties in one weekend!) I needed hor dourves, desserts, breakfasts, and potatoes! 

With a lot of work and a lot of lists I had the whole week planned out to a T. On Friday I started my cooking/baking which included, North Pole Cupcakes, Santa Hat Brownie Bites, Twice Baked Potatoes from Pioneer Woman, Oreo Balls, Chex White Chocolate Bark, Dill Dip, Pesto Pinwheels from, Cinnamon Baked French Toast from Pioneer Woman and cubing cheese and summer sausage. The only things I took time to photograph were the North Pole Cupcakes..... 

.....and Santa Hat Brownie Bites

They were both easy to make and looked super adorable. The twice baked potatoes were SO GOOD. I was delighted that there were too many and I was able to freeze about 10 of them for an easy side dish later this month! 

The Baked French Toast was a favorite too, it will become a regular in our house. Oh! And the Pesto Pinwheels were really yummy and super quick to make, I'll be bringing them to parties often. 

It honestly was the best Christmas I've ever had. The kids had so much fun, Scott and I were completely overflowing with Joy all weekend long. I had to fight back tears of happiness during the beautiful Christmas Eve service at our church and again while cooking breakfast listening to Scott play with the kids and their new toys.

I hope that your weekend was wonderful as well!! And that your homes are recovering as slowly as mine is ;)

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  1. So, what do you want to bring to my house on Sunday for New Year's Day? ;)

  2. I'm totally bringing pesto pinwheels!! They're so yummy and quick and easy!! :)