December 5, 2011

Collection Box Advent Calendar

Over the summer my Grandma "Nana Slinkman" gave me her old collection box and all of her little delftware pieces that she kept in it. (I don't know if it's the real stuff or not, but it's from my Nana so it doesn't matter:) FYI Delft is Dutch earthenware decorated by hand in blue on a white background. I looked that up :) I'm 100% dutch, which means my parent's and grandparent's homes are all filled with little blue and white earthenware woodenshoes and paintings of windmills. When we were little we'd sit in our kitchen and try to count all of the times :)

So anyways! I thought the collection box and collection was beautiful but haven't found the perfect spot for it yet. I right away covered up the 70's style "My Collection" with some scrap fabric and a glue gun. The other day while decorating my living room for Christmas I came across the box again and started counting the cubbies for no particular reason. There were 25. That got me thinking....

I could make this into an advent calendar just for the Christmas season! So I ran to Hobby Lobby for cardstock and number stickers. I made little boxes for each cubbie out of the cardstock and then put a number on the front of each one.

Unfortunately each and every cubbie was a different size. So this part took a lot of measuring and a lot of time. I'll do a separate post soon on how I made the boxes. It was just measuring, folding, and taping. 

I filled each box with 2 treats, one for each cutie, but there was plenty of room for more if ever needed. You know, if we get a dog one day ;) If you're wondering how I know there won't be any fights about who gets what, my big guy is allergic to chocolate. So that solves that! BTW, Party City sells lots of little candies 15 for a dollar.

I'm really excited to show my Nana how I repurposed her collection box. I hope she likes it as much as the kids and I do! We've never even had an Advent calendar before!!

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  1. You scored on this! you lucky lucky girl. I would love one of these. Its perfect for an advent and how awesome exactly 25 cubbies. You did a great job. winks, jen

  2. So fun!! I just found a big wooden cubby at the Goodwill and I'm really exited to use it as an advent calendar this year!