November 16, 2011

Free Farmhouse Table

I've got a sneak peak for you! On Halloween night my WONDERFUL hubby, Scott, found some chairs on the side of the road while picking up our dinner. After talking his friend into jumping out of the car and loading them up with him they heard some yelling from the home owner. At first they thought she was yelling AT them, but it turned out she just wanted to let them know that there was a matching table up the driveway by the house that they could have too. SCORE!!

I love that Scott now has his eyes peeled for garage sales, curbside furniture, and even old pallets by dumpsters! I've taught him well ;) Now if only we could get him a pick up truck to haul all of these treasures home in!

So here's the table that he scored:

I love farmhouse tables! In fact I have one just like it in my kitchen that is still waiting for some TLC :( I thought about just keeping this new one, but it's a little smaller than the one I have. We'll see.....

Anyways, I'm in love with gray and white at the moment and have been a little tired of white legs with dark stained tops. (even though that's what I plan on my kitchen table looking like eventually!)

So I'm planning on painting the legs in ASCP French Linen and white washing the table top. Scott helped me sand down the top to bare wood last night but now I'm feeling a little stuck. Should I do a dark stain before I white wash? Or just white wash right over the bare wood?

I think I'll do a test area tomorrow and see what it looks like white washed over a small area of bare wood. I'm just hoping it won't be too much of a pain to sand it back down to bare wood afterwards!! Wish me luck!!


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