January 1, 2012

Pesto Pinwheels

Last week I talked about the many things I made over Christmas weekend. One of them was pesto pinwheels, I found them on Pinterest from Pillsbury. Since I pin anything I see that has pesto in the name this should be no surprise :) 

These things are so fast and easy to make and taste so good!!

Here's all you need to make them:

Seriously, how nice is that?? You know you already have crescent rolls in the fridge, just pick up some pesto and you're good! Or even better, MAKE some pesto, mmmmmm these things would be so good with fresh homemade pesto. But Buttoni is good too :)

Open up the crescent rolls and separate them into two rectangles. Pinch all of the seams closed as well as you can.

Spread some pesto out on the dough to cover it. The recipe says to use 1/4 cup but I just used however much looked yummy and covered well.

Roll it up as tight as you can and then cut into 8 pinwheels using a serrated knife.

To cut equally sized pinwheels easily just cut the log in half, then cut each of those pieces half, and so on. I really like this trick, you should see how terrible I am at cutting brownies. Anyone have a trick for that they want to share?? :)

Put the pinwheels onto an ungreased cookie sheet into a 400 degree oven for about 10 minutes. 

I made 2 batches of these for my mom's New Years Day party today and everyone loved them. As did I. They were really good with a glass of wine too :)


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  1. "Pesto" always makes my heart pitter-pat! I am soooo making these TODAY! And, I'm not sharing.
    Thank you!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  2. hahaha, I hope you liked them!! I ate all the leftovers today for lunch and now I think I'm done with these for a couple of months!! ;)

  3. yummy! I have a recipe for these from scratch but I don't always have time to make them. Thanks for putting this together...quick and easy! :)

  4. I must absolutely jump onto the pesto bandwagon. These look amazing! Thanks so much for sharing them at our party!

  5. Wow looks great and so fancy! I will have to whip these up next time I have friends over.

  6. Wow, - love em!
    Thanks for sharing at our Friday FREE-FOR-ALL!
    Stop by soon!

    ~ Dana

  7. These look yummy! Thanks for sharing.

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  8. Yea! This is something easy enough for me to do. I can't wait to try them out.

  9. Just wanted to let you know that we featured you on our Link It Up Thursday party - if you like, come on over and grab a featured button. :) http://thesepeastastefunny.blogspot.com/