January 4, 2012

My 2012 Project List

As soon as the new year hit I started thinking about what I wanted to get done around here in 2012. I never make resolutions or anything, but with a new blog I thought I should have a game plan for this upcoming year.

So, of course, I got out a pad of paper and pen and started my list. My mom has preached to me over and over and OVER about how she can make all of her lists on her cool phone, but nothing can ever replace my pad of paper and pen :) 

I thought about writing a post with my goals, but being so new to blogging I can't get over that feeling of "Who wants to read my insignificant thoughts and ramblings??" 

I saw more and more and MORE posts about goals for the year and finally this morning the sun was shining so bright and giving me such great light that I picked up my camera and took pictures of the rooms on my list. If someone isn't interested or doesn't care they can just move on, right? They probably already have! ;)

First on the list!

Casey's Bedroom:

It's not really THAT bad. Just needs to be picked up and decluttered. But here's the thing. A few months ago my husband helped our best friends build a three tiered bunk bed with a slide. That night when Casey's pitiful little sad face asked us why he couldn't have a three tiered bunk bed with a slide we told him that his room was too small. Then we watched as his little heart broke :( So we came up with a plan for an even COOLER loft bed with a secret hideout underneath where his fish "Blue gill" could hang out!!

I started an envelope just today and put some cash in it and promised him that I was going to save as much as I could to get him his new room as soon as possible. 

The bed will be up only high enough to have a hangout underneath with a built in shelf, bean bag chair and hopefully a sconce on the wall. We are planning on building this ourselves, wish us luck!

I also want to fix up his dresser with some chalk paint in primer red and get some cool locker storage bins for his bookshelf. (by the way, that bookshelf was made with love by his grandpa and daddy when he was a baby)

Second and almost as important....

The Basement:

In one corner we have the couch...oops, I just noticed that one of the lamps is missing. I had moved it the other day to stage a photo upstairs:)

On the other side of the room we have the kid's play area. Notice how we didn't even prime the closet doors :(

And across from the couch we have the tv and old tv stand.

Pretty pathetic, huh? And this is where we spend ALL of our time! We primed the walls last spring, but then all work came to a halt when we all fell victim to the flu. 

Later in the summer Scott went out of town so I filled in most of the knots in the wood with wood putty. I planned on painting that week too.......but didn't.

The room needs crown molding, baseboards, paint, closet door pulls, tv console (a dresser that I'll paint), OH! and new windows. 

We will wait until the weather is nice enough to start this project so that we can replace the windows ourselves. We've done two in other rooms and are excited, and a little nervous, to take on these four. All of that will cost a bit of money too, so hopefully when spring comes around we'll be able to start.

And Thirdly (but will probably get started first)

My Sewing/Project Room:

I'm going to have lots of little sewing projects for this room but the big change will be painting the cabinets and giving them new hardware. I want to take the doors off of the two cabinets flanking the window and maybe put some fabric or wall paper inside. 

This room will be more about decorating, so it should be a bit more budget friendly :)

There are smaller projects around the house too, but those are the biggies. I hope that by next January I'll be telling you how happy I am that we accomplished all of our goals! :)

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  1. Your rooms have so much potential! I can't wait to see the final results! What colour are you planning on painting the living room??

    You should come check out my New Year house goals at www.pinkhsc.com if you have time!

    Best of luck :D