October 17, 2011

Halloween Costumes

This year Lainey finally became potty trained :) And as an incentive (okay, bribe) she was told by Nana that she would receive a "princess day." Well, on her princess day she chose a beautiful cinderella dress. It was so gorgeous I couldn't imagine just using it as dress up clothes! So her Halloween costume was born. I immediately started thinking about Casey's costume and looked up "Prince Costume" on Pinterest.  After combing through all of the "the artist formerly known as Prince" pictures I found a little prince charming costume!!

I found a picture of this costume complete with a wonderful tutorial from the site 
www.makeit-loveit.com. I borrowed my MIL's sewing machine once again and spent a week straight at the kitchen table sewing. My house and family missed me, but I'm back now :) And it was worth it! I had a lot of fun watching all the pieces go on the jacket. At first it looked like a Dr.'s jacket, but little by little with the addition of some red and gold it got fancier and fancier. And my son was SUPER excited that I was making his costume. So excited that Lainey got a bit jealous, so I decided to make her some accessories. At the same site there was also a tutorial for Cinderella accessories, so I made some white fingerless gloves and an adorable headband. (You can find a tutorial for an entire Cinderella dress there too if you'd like!)

So without further adieu,  here's a photo montage for you!! :)

It was a windy day!! :)

Happy Halloween, I hope you get lots of candy!!!!

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