July 4, 2013

Quick Fun Little Girl's Dress

I love to sew. There is something so exciting about picking out your own fabric and making something completely from scratch. So the other day when I felt like I just needed to sew something I went to my Pinterest board for inspiration. 

I knew there were a million other things I should  be doing so I looked for the quickest, easiest looking project I had pinned. Which of course ended up coming from one of my favorite sewing blogs, Make it & Love it. 

Here's the fabric I found for a dress for my Lainey Bug

Super cute, isn't it? I found a new fabric store in my area that has more choices than my usual places, Joanne's and Hobby Lobby. But there were no sales or coupons so I don't know how soon I'll be going back :(

In just a couple of hours I whipped up a super cute dress for Lainey that she loves. 

Sorry about the shadows...I'm still learning how to take pictures when it's too bright outside. I'll learn though ;)

So here's the part I'm struggling with. Buying a yard of the white and 1/2 a yard of the pink fabric ended up costing me about $15. I could easily buy a dress from Old Navy for that much money or less probably and could even possibly get a dress on sale from the Gap for that much. So is it really worth it to be sewing my own clothes if it doesn't even save any money?? Or is there some magic way to find and buy amazingly cute fabric for a steal??

Regardless I still really enjoy sewing and Lainey had lots of fun helping and overseeing so it was worth it :)

Here's a picture of the dress that Ashley from Make-it and Love-it made for her daughter. You can click on the link below the picture to be taken to the tutorial!!

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