April 25, 2013

April Goals

So it just occurred to me the other day that I never made any April goals. The truth is that my April goals would probably have been the same as March, paint a lot of furniture!! But April has not been the best month for me.

It started with helping out a friend by watching her sweet and wonderful boys. A little bit too busy to be painting furniture. No problem. It then turned into sore throats and colds and a lost voice all during the last week before the Little Lambs spring program. I'm the MUSIC teacher at Little Lambs. My voice is kind of needed. 

And then it ended with torrential down pours, a flooded basement and crawl space and our church's basement flooded. We hold Little Lambs in the church basement. And it was now the actual week of the program.

So needless to say the month of April got away from me. And let's not forget that the stomach flu has now come to visit my house. sigh. I'll be back in May with some goals and hopefully a finished project to share. Thanks for putting up with my sometimes sporadic blogging :) 

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