February 1, 2013

February Goals

I am loving this idea of monthly goals. Sure it's only been one month but just look at what I accomplished in January!! This month I think I can bump it up to three. Risky, I know.

First something little. Our front closet needs some organization. No matter how often I clean it and reorganize it it just becomes a mess again within days. The main problem? The shoes. I have a cheapo shoe rack in there that the shoes just roll off of. Scott is going to make me a new one that the shoes will actually stay on and hopefully this will solve all of our problems :)

Next up, the basement hallway. It's not really even a hallway, just the little area that the basement stairs lead to where you can enter the office or the family room. 

The walls need painting, 

a new light fixture with some style would be nice,

and some baseboards would sure look pretty.

Plus I will decorate the blank wall in some way :) 

And finally my kitchen cabinets. They were one of my very first DIY jobs ever. A big thanks to my mother in law who cheered me on and got down and dirty and helped :) But they are looking a bit beat up 4 1/2 years later and I have new visions of what I want them to look like. This month I will just tackle 4 of the top cabinets. That will be plenty work to keep me busy....

The best part of all of these projects is that I have most of the supplies I need already so it won't cost much!

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