September 17, 2012

Pirate Party Ahoy!!

Wow that was a busy weekend. I'm in shock that it is Monday already. I worked at my kid's school's clothing resale Friday and Saturday among other things. But the main attraction of the weekend was Lainey's pirate birthday party on Sunday afternoon. 

I made the kids costumes for the party and was planning on using them again for Halloween, but Casey has other plans excited as he was to be a pirate when three of your friends decide to be ninjas from Ninjago how do you not agree to be the fourth one?? I have decided to be understanding and just buy the kid a blue sweatsuit and call him Jay ;)

But for the party we had the cutest scariest pirates of the sea!!

For the snacks I browsed Pinterest and Google images for inspiration and ideas.

We had fruit salad in a watermelon ship. (A big thank you to Scott for making my sails and flag!)

My mom in law told me about these. I don't know where she heard about them or saw them because I couldn't find anything like them on the net! They're ho-ho's with m&m's made to look like little treasure chests. And from the way they were gobbled up in minutes I take it they were pretty yummy :)

For the cake I attempted making marshmallow fondant for the first time. Making it went well but the rolling out process took a few tries and my fondant started to dry out. I'll definitely try making it again, I thought it tasted great. I didn't take a whole bunch of pictures I realized after looking through my downloads, but I really enjoyed the day and have some video of it too :)

Here's the birthday girl with one of her gifts...

She may love pirates but she's still a princes at heart.

While getting ready for the party amidst a bunch of other crazy chores we cleaned out the garage. It needed it. Bad. Scott started without me so I only got a picture of it emptied and swept out for my before.

As beautiful as that is all of this stuff has to now go back in there some how....


We played a game of Tetris with all my furniture and somehow left enough room for me to park my car when it snows!! Scott's Jeep gets to park in there every day....but it also has a hole in the roof so I guess I can see why ;)

Ahhhhh. After all the cleaning we've been doing lately I feel like I can finally breathe. I spent a few hours in there painting today with some Smashing Pumpkins on and it was awesome :)

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  1. The kids party outfits were adorable and Moms ho-ho treasure chests...I am not surprised they were gobbled up. I was pretty jealous of your clean garage until I saw the pic that looked like you were having a yard sale LOL! Glad I was able to help you with the electric spray painter...I love it!