November 14, 2011

When Things Go Wrong

I was very excited to show you the side table I worked on all weekend. I checked the weather and it looked like the sun might make an appearance this afternoon so I thought I'd be patient and wait for the natural light. 

In the meantime I downloaded and edited the "during" photos that I had been taking over the weekend. Then my husband and I spent about an hour doing the dreaded health insurance enrollment that we had been putting off. Our 4 year old "Bugs" played so nicely in the basement while watching some morning cartoons. 

Afterwards Scott left to pick up our 6 year old and stop at the hobby store to pick up a model airplane for them to work on together while he's off of work this week. I went downstairs to play with Bugs and found my camera on the floor. Oh that Bugs, she played with my camera! Wait. It's not turning on. 

"Were you playing with my camera?!" 

"No......I was chewing on it."

My camera is busted. My day has become somewhat busted as well. Let's hope this week turns around.....QUICK.

Here's some before photos of the table I can't wait to show you. 

I think I'll go call my mother in law now to see if I can borrow her camera....


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