October 1, 2011

Curbside Mirror

I live in the suburbs of Chicago. I have a very hard time finding furniture. I scour the Goodwill and Saver's stores but can only find 1980's flimsy disasters. I drive around tirelessly from garage sale to garage sale finding nothing but baby gear. I strain my eyes every night looking through Craigslist finding anything worth my time is usually priced EXTREMELY high. Then I go over to the blog world and see all these treasures people stumble upon and get super frustrated!! Is it just me or do I need to move down south to start finding pretty furniture??

Well, this week I felt like I hit the jackpot. Not a HUGE jackpot mind you, but for once I felt like luck was on my side. I found a Craigslist post with 2 solid wood dressers and a desk all for $25! I didn't really care WHAT it looked like at that point. I figured I could surely do SOMETHING with it :) So after a long dentist appointment (no cavities!) I headed over to mom and dad's house to borrow their truck. Luckily mom was willing to come and help load it up, not to mention protect me from what might have been a complete weirdo or something ;) Sigh.... I have such a love/fear of Craigslist! 

It was all painted to match each other but is not actually any kind of set. Which makes me happy, now I can do something completely different to each piece and not feel guilty at all for breaking up a nice set of furniture. The owner turned out to be a wonderfully nice woman who was moving into a smaller place. She also directed me to her curb where she had left a beautiful oak dresser that had completely fallen apart. It was a little too much of a project for me, not to mention I had ran out of room and it was way too heavy for mom and me to load. But with it was a lovely antique mirror. It didn't seem to match so I have no idea what type of wood it is, but it's HEAVY. I grabbed it right up and rearranged the truck to make sure I could get it home with me.

I just cleaned her up nice. The wood is so beautiful I can't imagine painting it. Wouldn't it be beautiful in a bathroom above the sink/vanity?? I wish I had any kind of reason to keep it for myself, but I just don't. I put it up for sale on Craigslist. I dream of one day having a little shop to sell my finds and crafts, but for now there's craigslist :)

This girl is going to be the first one to get beautified. The bottom three drawers don't slide well because they are all cramped in there. Not to mention one of them is completely filled with mold. Why??? Who knows. So I have visions of some open shelving down there with antique quilts folded nicely and some wire baskets holding this or that. I don't know what color she'll be, but it will be chalk paint. Maybe a gray? Maybe a blue? Antique white? So many wonderful options!!! 

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