November 7, 2013

Thanksgiving Chalkboard Art

I hate to always be starting my blog posts with "sorry I haven't posted in so long!!". But here I am again. It's been months since my last post. I've hosted parties and done some furniture and keep meaning to edit pictures and post about it but the truth is I'm just too busy to stop and write about what I'm up to! So hey, my posts might be months apart and I might be a terrible blogger, but when I do have the time I really do enjoy sharing my work :) So thank you for taking the time to come check it out :)

I love having a chalkboard wall in my kitchen. I don't let my kids draw on it because it's dusty and I'm a bad mommy (it's okay they have one of their own to draw on;) but I love sitting down with my computer open and my chalk in hand and creating some art to enjoy every time I walk in the back door.

For Halloween I didn't get my cute ghost and boo! up until the very last minute so for Thanksgiving I made sure to get it done right away so I have a whole month to enjoy it :)

I have my computer open while I work on my chalkboard because I'm not very artistic. I could never have come up with this on my own. I just googled "Give Thanks chalkboards" and after looking through pages of inspiration I used a little of this from one picture and a little of that from another picture and pieced together what you see on my wall. I'm quite proud of how it turned out!

I have terrible handwriting actually. My first few attempts of writing on my chalkboard I basically traced the letters on after printing them out on the computer. That worked good, especially for regular sized words, but for very big words that would have used a lot of ink and paper. 

So lately I've just been having what I want to write on the computer screen in front of me while I do it. That plus I now wet down the chalkboard before writing on it. It's amazing how the chalk glides over the board when it's been wiped with a wet rag. Also when I make a mistake it's super easy to wipe away just the portion I messed up on and fix it.

So there you have it! My Thanksgiving chalkboard art :)

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  1. I've barely been posting...and when I have it hasn't been food.
    Sure I've been cooking - and even taking pics. But, the writing...has stopped.

    I'll read when you write.
    And, I like your board! (I have really poor handwriting on chalkboards and I admire those who can make it look nice - no matter how long it takes.

    Happy Thanksgiving