September 10, 2012

Our Summer Flip

I finally have some after pictures to show today! It's been at least 3 months since I actually showed a finished project around here!

If you missed all of my before pictures of our rental property you can see them here.

After editing all of my pictures this morning I realized I don't have any pictures of the house from the outside, oops. It's an all brick story and a half cape cod. There's 3 bedrooms, 2 on the main floor and 1 in the half finished attic. We could have lived there for a long time except there's no basement, something us midwesterners like to have! 

Here's the living room and dining room combo.

I used furniture from my living room and some pieces that were waiting to get sold to stage the place. Meanwhile my house is feeling a little sad with lots of furniture and decorations missing :(

I wish I could have put an area rug and some curtains in to soften the rooms but money and time were running out fast!

These rooms were completely repainted. From the ceiling, crown molding, walls, and trim down to the baseboards, fireplace and mantel. 

Here's the new bathroom in all it's glory :)

The bathroom of course took longer than expected. Things like cutting the tile that the shower handle went directly through would take an hour.

We'd drop the kids off with Scott's parents, run to the house with high hopes of getting tons done and leave having only tiled one shower wall. You can see how this might start to wear on you after a month or two!!

The kitchen had much less work to do. A hand me down fridge, new stove, new off the shelf countertops and spray painted knobs really perked the room up! And of course paint from top to bottom.

I wish we had done that when we lived there!! Keeping white laminate counter tops clean was no fun!

Then there was work to do in the upstairs bedroom. The drywall on the pitched ceilings had only been nailed in at whatever time it had been finished so it was slowly sagging and cracking at the joints. Scott went around adding screws everywhere and then patched and mudded it all. That was a messy job :( That sad face is for Scott because I didn't go near that room while he was working on it!

That room was once Lainey's nursery and it was adorable!!

The other two bedrooms just got paint and some new light fixtures.  I would have loved to stage all of the bedrooms but I just didn't have enough furniture for that!

We're hoping to sell soon, 
paying 2 mortgages isn't as fun as you'd think ;)

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  1. Beautiful!!!!! Wow!!! Hope it sells fast for you guys :)