May 25, 2012

Preparing the Pool Deck

Well, summer's here already! 

Just like every other year we have a plan of what we would like to get done around the house and then throw that plan out the window and dive into something else ;)

The basement windows were the plan for this Spring/Summer but when Scott found out our son, Casey, was having a birthday pool party in a few weeks work began on the deck! He's been wanting to work on it for years anyways.

So what's the deck's problem? The yahoo who built it used nails instead of screws, a LOT of nails. I can call him a yahoo because it's Scott's cousin ;) We bought the house from family years ago and we LOVE it :)

So now all of those nails are popping up and some of the boards are warping and there are splinters galore. We can't sand it to refinish it because of all those popped up nails. So last night Scott started pounding in all of the nails with a nail punch and hammer while I drilled holes in each board and we both took turns drilling in the new screws to finally hold those boards in place for good. 

It was back breaking work. We hurt. We hurt bad. And we're not even half way done.

Here's what it looks like after we've finished a row.

And a close up. There's three nails that have been punched down and two screws to hold it down for good.

There's a section like this on every single joist. Here's a bigger photo of the deck for you.

See that row of nails and screws next to me? Then see the next row that's right under me?? We are talking about a TON of nails and screws to deal with here.

The plan is to get all of these nails down and screws in and then cover the whole deck with Deck Restore from Home Depot. It's a super thick, textured paint like product. It's 10 times thicker than paint and has elasticity so it fills in cracks and holes and can hold up to the Chicago weather. 

Ow, my back hurts just looking at this.

Casey was my photographer for the evening. I liked this shot, it kinda makes me dizzy though. There's Lainey having a grand old time no matter what we're up to :)

Eventually even Casey was put to work sticking screws in the holes I had drilled. He even came out this morning at 6:30 while I was working on it again, he really is a great help!!

I just got back from a Home Depot run for more screws and it seems Scott has changed the plan of action. He is now prying up an entire board, knocking out the old nails from the bottom and then screwing the boards back down using the old nail holes. No word yet on how well this method is working!

Oh well, I'm off to celebrate my friend's birthday with some pedicures and maybe a glass of wine!! :) 


  1. Sitting out on our deck this afternoon I realized it was all nails and no screws. Thought of you...

  2. Wow props to you for digging up all those nails! I could not imagine how difficult that must have been! I can't wait to see how the deck looks once it is finished!

  3. Even though you hurt from head to are making great family memories. Lessons on teamwork, etc. They are learning much by watching how you work together :)

    Hope you have a super-duper pool party!
    Invite your family yahoo over...for a Yoo-Hoo!

  4. Loved reading this!! You crack me up :) You should write a book!!